Isn't this great! I found it at Mortimer Snodgrass. 36.00 and a clean entry later it's all yours!



After finishing a major project around the house I hear myself telling my husband  "after I finish this....I will be pretty much done with the house". At the time I really mean it...I don't mean to lie to his face, but the truth my friends, (four dining tables and countless coats of paint later) is that I will NEVER be able to stop myself from fixing up our home! So with that said, I thought I would start this blog off with a DIY project that I've already finished and an idea for a project that I would like to finish sometime in the near future!


I am currently in the middle of fixing up our little man's playroom and found this awesome snoopy shower curtain from TARGET. Perfect for an art project I had in mind.

I used a couple of old canvas' from his room

primed over the old bright colors so they wouldn't show through..... painting is in his blood!

made sure the shower curtain was lined up properly and cut to about 2 inches extra on each side (w/ enough fabric to cover sides of canvas as well.

Then stapled the curtain to the back of the canvas. Starting from the middle on alternating sides and then moving outward. The corners were pulled into a tight triangle fold and stapled securly, and any excess fabric trimmed to allow canvas to lay snuggly against the wall.


an adorable reading corner that brings back some fun memories for mom as well!

THE MIRROR PROJECT: I am mostly finished with my bedroom, but when I came across this picture I knew it was exactly what the room needed.
This is the  Lou Lou chest from High Fashion Home is listed at 1499.00 which I would LOVE to own!

This is the  Larkin Dresser  from Pottery Barn which is currently in our Bedroom (yup!  it used to be the dresser in our nursery), I think adding antiqued mirrors to the face of the drawers will add a little more pizaaz to the piece and help it tie in with the rest of the furniture in the room. I'll be sure to post some pictures and a How To as soon as I get this project underway!  I am soo excited to see how it turns out!