the daybed project

Our little family owns a 3 bedroom house and until this past few weeks my 3 year has dominated 2 of the 3 rooms---Okay so really probably 2.5 of the 3! After getting our closet halfway organized to add a desk area...I realized it was time to steal some space from my three year olds playroom and make it a space we could all enjoy. Trying to make the most of our 10x10 space, I have decided to make a daybed so we can use it for lounge space/guest bed.

 I used the twin size box spring that we already had and turned it into an ottoman of sorts to support the mattress.
                                 First, I wrapped the front and sides in batting and stapled it on.
 next I carefully wrapped my fabric (which I LOVE!! and it was discontinued to boot!) around and stapled over the batting making sure that the pattern was even as I pulled.
 finally I bought some unfinished furniture legs at home depot-stained them and attached them to 2x2 squares of wood which i screwed into each corner.  And here's the final result!! I think it turned out faboulously! This project was fairly easy and pretty quick (other than letting the stain dry)...building the side tables and desk top from scratch has been a bit of a different story!  I will sure to keep you updated as I figure it out! I'm working on plan b as we speak!


  1. Steph! That is just PRECIOUS! I can't wait to see it in person! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Hi. Steph. The daybed came out great. I am going to attempt this project myself. How did you get the tight corners on the bedspread or is it a coverlet?