Work what you got!

One of the things I love most about decorating is the ability to be resourceful and creative with what you already have...or in my case, a more honest interpretation might be work what your mama gave ya! The ability to take things we already posses and turn them into cool additions that make a home feel unique to you and your family can truly set a house apart  A helpful tip when trying to update forgotten items is: clear the area you are wanting to update and then look through your old items to see what might work. It's much easier to be inspired when you are looking at a fresh palette or have a specific function in mind. Here are a few ideas to get your head turning!

This leather belt turned tieback is a great example of using creativity and repurposing items that you might have laying around the house.

 This is an awesome example of using what you've got to create something show stopping! Imagine how different this room might look without an old barn door sanded down and painted with a beautiful pop of yellow.

One of my favorite ways to update what you have is repainting/reupholstering furniture. I love the crisp white woodwork on this chair paired with the warm neutral upholstery. It would look amazing in nearly any space! Did you also catch the baskets turned side table in the bottom left corner?

Repurposing items doesn't always have to be on a large scale, it often works well when incorporating old accessories in a new way.  I recently repurposed this jewelry box to hold a few bathroom necessities in our son's bathroom...it will also make a handy spot to fill with travel items for guests who visit overnight.

 This is a vase that I got from Marshalls for 6$....it makes for an interesting peice to hold all our daily used kitchen utensils.

 I decided to use a small chain to hold the curtains in our dining area back. It coordinates beautifully with the nailhead trim along the edge of the panels and adds a bit of spunk that I would miss with a standard tie back. Please feel free to share pictures of ways that you have utilized what you already had laying around to create a stylish space, I would love to see them!

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